Health and Safety



Over the past decade, Abscope’s adherence to health and safety has transformed from an important priority, to a corporate core value.  The commitment to Abscope’s behavior based safety program has been the lynchpin of our transformation. Each employee truly understands that our service mission is unattainable without a safe working environment for all stakeholders.  Site superintendents continue to reinforce each employee’s duty to safely assess each work task prior to engagement and mentally sort out, “what could go wrong” prior to commencement. Our employees have not only become adept at trouble shooting / improving upon current project methods, but have applied Abscope’s safety approach to their personal endeavors.


Key components of our program include:

  • Daily, interactive site safety meetings, inclusive of subcontractors
  • New employee Safety Mentoring Policy 
  • Constant JSA modification / improvement
  • Monthly company-wide safety meetings  including representatives from all active projects
  • Unannounced site safety audits performed by independent consultants
  • Engagement of accident intervention service (WorkCare)


It is Abscope’s obligation to make certain that all employees have the proper skills to make safe decisions in the work place; as such management requires employee participation in the following:


  • Daily, interactive site safety meetings, inclusive of subcontractors
  • Abscope's annual training conference (4 days)
  • Regulatory training (OSHA 40 hr, American Red Cross CPR / first aid)
  • Loss Prevention Training (LPS)
  • A variety of task specific training courses (confined space, trench awareness, elevated work, crane safety, etc) 

For additional information on our Corporate Health and Safety program, please visit any of the below third party sites or feel free to contact us direct.