August 03, 2018


Abscope Wins Fort Drum HUBZone Project. Two years after receiving their HUBZone certification, Abscope was awarded its first HUBZone contract to perform industrial cleaning services at Fort Drum, NY. Abscope responded affirmatively to a Sources Sought request when the project was first advertised and ultimately won the project. Work is scheduled to begin later this year.



July 20, 2018


Abscope recently completed an 11-month soil remediation project in Oklahoma City, OK. The project featured the excavation of 50,000 tons of contaminated soil and associated dewatering / filtration. The project’s footprint encompassed 2 operational oil fields and a manufacturing facility.



July 11, 2018




July 09, 2018


Abscope Environmental Inc has begun work on a remedial action for a New York State utility in Lloyd, NY to remove PCB and PAH impacted sediment from a 2.5-acre wetland and drainage channel. The remedial action consists of installing sediment controls, site clearing, water bypass system and hydraulic barriers. Site preparation activities also include construction of gravel and timber mat access roads into the wetland, construction of a temporary water treatment system and sediment process areas. Upon completion of the site preparation activities, site remediation will commence with the excavation of 7,500 CY of PCB sediment. Following sediment excavation, the area will be backfilled with an organically enriched general fill material and top soiled. Final restoration activities of the 2.5-acre disturbed wetland will include placing specified channel fill and installing the wetland plants and seeding. An estimated 12,000 tons of sediment excavated from the site will be stabilized and transported off site for disposed at a Subtitle D Landfill. Abscope is expected to complete the project in the Fall of 2018



June 19, 2018


Abscope Environmental Inc is continuing remedial actions to address contamination from a former hospital under the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program on a site in Corning, NY. 16,000 CY of soil have been excavated to date and approximately 3,000 CY meeting the re-use criteria have been reused on site and placed under a 2-foot-thick gravel cover system. Approximately 15,000 tons of excavated soils not meeting the onsite re-use criteria have been disposed of offsite at a subtitle D landfill. Tasks yet to be completed include in-situ treatment/chemical fixation of 270 CY of soil exceeding RCRA limits for metals, excavation of remaining non-impacted soil and relocation onsite under a two-foot-thick cover system, abandonment and removal of several utilities and loading / offsite disposal of an additional 10,000 tons of soil. Abscope is expected to complete the project by the end of August 2018



May 25, 2018


Abscope Environmental Completes 2,500 LF Barrier Wall Abscope recently completed a closed barrier wall around a former landfill for a confidential client in the mid-west. The 2,500 lf barrier consisted of 80 mil HDPE GSE CurtainWall panels, 22’ wide up to 26’ in depth, fabricated by GSE Environmental, LLC. Due to the contaminants present, the owner opted to install a dual barrier wall. The primary wall, installed by DeWind One Pass Trenching, LLC, was constructed as a soil mixed barrier. To alleviate future worries of contaminant break-out through the soil mixed wall, the owner installed a secondary barrier wall made of HDPE. For more information on this project please call. We have experience in multiple types of barrier walls used for environmental containment.



May 07, 2018


Abscope is nearing completion of their new solar panel array. Once complete, Abscope will generate enough solar electric power to provide electricity for 100% of their office, warehouse and mechanic shop operations.



April 04, 2018


Abscope is currently working on a remedial action under the NYS's Brownfields program on a site in Corning, NY to address contamination from a former hospital. The remedial action consists of removal of a 10,000-gallon UST, excavation and offsite disposal of 270 cy of soil exceeding RCRA limits for metals, excavation of 30,000 CY of soil and relocation on site under a two-foot thick cover system. Excavated soils not meeting the onsite re-use criteria will be disposed of offsite at a subtitle D landfill. Abscope is expected to complete the project by the end of May 2018.



March 30, 2018


Abscope crews are seen here placing HDPE liner over the top of a PRB wall installed in the Baltimore metro area complete with seals over access and monitoring ports. Final stage of restoration protecting our environment.



March 23, 2018


Abscope Environmental will be exhibiting at the 22nd Annual Joint Technical Conference of the Central New York Chapters of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. The conference will be held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at the Lodge at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles, NY. Come visit us at booth # 5. We look forward to seeing you and discussing your upcoming project needs.



March 19, 2018


With the project near completion, Abscope crews remove the sheets that protected the installation of the PRB wall during construction, decontaminating them as they are removed.



February 15, 2018


Abscope recently acquired an ABI 16/20 Moibleram capable of installing sheet piling up to 62’ in length. This multi-functional machine has provided our clients with a safe, dependable sheet piling contractor to support their foundation and shoring needs. Photo demonstrates Abscope's ABI 16/20 Mobileram installing sheet piling along the Patapsco River in Baltimore, MD.



February 12, 2018


Using a 120,000 lbs excavator, Abscope forces perform soil mixing operations at a former MGP facility to a depth of 28’ below grade. A proprietary grout mix was blended into the contaminated soil to create a monolith capable of locking up the contamination in place thereby avoiding expensive trucking and disposal fees.



February 02, 2018


Abscope completed a 45 acre landfill cap after consolidating over 100,000 CY of CKD waste material. Consolidation and grading operations were closely followed by a specialty subcontractor placing a geosynthetic turf system over the entire landfill.



January 18, 2018


Stainless steel cages safely set today in preparation to take media that will treat groundwater in the Baltimore area today.



November 16, 2017


Abscope Environmental Inc. was part of the team that was presented the 2017 Engineering Excellence Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) at their 2017 Fall Forum. Abscope was the general contractor for Central Maine Power under the direction of their engineering consultant, Haley & Aldrich, on the remediation project of a former MGP site in Belfast, Maine. The coal tar removal project was performed in a small town during the height of the fall tourist season and as such, Abscope was challenged with performing the project without disrupting the local businesses, residents, or tourist. The project was successfully completed without incident, and the city street was reopened before the winter of 2016. We are proud to have been a part of the team with Haley & Aldrich and Central Maine Power who were recipients of the ACEC of Maine “Special Recognition Award for Engineering Excellence in Environmental Clean-Up on an Urban Site.” A link to this award and project summary can be found under ‘Category E: Environmental’ at



November 13, 2017


Please visit us at Booth #517 on November 15-17 in Pittsburgh, PA for the Federal Small Business Conference.



October 31, 2017


This asbestos abatement project entailed the removal of roof dormers and slate shingles which were attached to a friable asbestos concrete roof deck. Access to the work area posed a challenge and required the assembly of an exterior asbestos containment on scaffolding. Our crews worked efficiently and in strict compliance with NYS Industrial code rule 56 to successfully complete the project safely and on schedule.



September 27, 2017


Nick recently joined Abscope and is working with our team of professionals in our Maryland office. With extensive experience in the demolition/abatement industry, he has served in a variety of capacities including Project Controller, Project Manager and Estimator since 2009. Mr. Bucci possesses a unique and comprehensive understanding of the issues related to commercial/industrial demolition, asbestos abatement, scrap recycling and environmental remediation. Welcome Nick!



September 21, 2017


Abscope is currently finishing up a soil remediation project located in Western, NY. Due to the depths of excavation an engineered support system comprised of water tight steel sheet pilings, reaching 55’ below grade, were installed. A high frequency variable moment pile driver was used to minimize vibration impacts to the adjacent buildings. Due to nearby occupied businesses the sheeting operations where completed during the night hours. After the Engineered support system was installed excavation was advanced to approximately 22 feet below grade and backfilled. Upon completion of the project the site will be restored to its original condition.



September 15, 2017


As members of the Syracuse Builder’s Exchange, a handful of Abscope employees attended the SBE annual clambake on Wednesday, September 13 held at Hinerwadel’s Grove in North Syracuse, NY. This popular event attracts thousands of people and provides an opportunity for SBE member firms to meet and mingle with their fellow business owners, suppliers and business guests. There was no shortage of fun, food and beautiful weather.



September 11, 2017


Abscope is shown placing 60 cubic yards of concrete at a petrochemical facility in the mid-Atlantic. This is the last of five major concrete pours at this site.



August 25, 2017


Members of the Abscope team, as well as the local Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) post, served and had dinner with veterans recently in support of The Baltimore Station. This is a great local charity who directly serves the veteran community in the Baltimore Area.



August 10, 2017


Abscope is seen safely setting a collection tank with a 75 ton crane as part of its project at a petrochemical facility in the mid-Atlantic. The site is expected to be fully operational in the fall of 2017.



July 24, 2017


On July 12, 2017, Abscope participated in the 5th Annual Salmon Fishing Outing sponsored and organized by PACNY – the Professional Abatement Contractors of New York. PACNY began in 1992 and has become the pre-eminent voice of the remediation and abatement industry in NY. The group is comprised of Contractors, Owners, Consultants, and Labs, all working together to advance the industry. Abscope has been a proud member of PACNY for 23 years. Several PACNY members, friends and colleagues boarded ten boats to participate in this year’s event and enjoyed fishing for deep, cold-water salmon in Lake Ontario. The Abscope fishing team landed seven fish with a total, combined weight of 80+ pounds and included five king salmon, one steelhead, and one lake trout – the largest being a king salmon weighing in at approximately 18-pounds. The Abscope team included employees Steve Mahana, PJ Mitchell, and Lane Hartman. The Dival Safety team, on the “Get Hooked” boat, landed the largest fish during the event - a king salmon tipping the scales at 26 pounds! A great time was had by the Abscope team and all participants.