Baltimore, MD - Storm Tunnel Remediation 


  • Removal of liner system and associated members within a large diameter below grade
    storm channel beneath the City of Baltimore
  • Exterior hydrostatic pressures leached petroleum contaminated liquids from the
    surrounding impacted soils into storm channel resulting in contaminant migration
    miles from source
  • Synthetic liner, tile, & brick removed from interior lining of 16’ diameter storm
    culvert via jackhammering & saw cutting
  • Geotechnical curtain grouting mitigated ‘seep’ infiltration during active liner removal
  • Air emission-equipped heavy equipment transported liner material out of the work
    area to the onsite disposal location
  • Over 1,600 linear feet of liner material removed within culvert
  • Dual channel by-pass system engaged to divert upstream flow from ¾ mile work area
  • High ventilation fans throughout work area aided in continuous fresh air flow within
    the noxious environment
  • LEL, benzene, methane and other specialized meters quantified constituent levels
    enabling personnel to upgrade PPE pursuant to conditions
  • Respiratory protection, supplied air emergency devices, and other PPE were affixed to
    all workers within the below grade work zone
  • High frequency site radio system enabled communication between personnel, onsite
    above grade weathermen, supervisors, and project managers


  • Benzene
  • Methane
  • Other various VOCs


  • Highly volatile work environment - constant changes in atmospheric conditions
  • Storm surge floods within active work area

Location: Baltimore, MD
Owner: International Energy Company
Engineer & Construction Manager: Envirospec Engineering