Hurricane Sandy Cleanup/Demolition 

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Over 24,000 manhours worked over a 4 month period with no OSHA reportable injuries
  • Demolition and loadout of over 400 residences on Staten Island, Breezy Point and Rockaway section of Queens, NYC
  • Installation of exclusion zones and decontamination stations for each property
  • Construction of temporary roadways across challenging terrain
  • Loadout of 80,000 CY of Suspected Asbestos Containing Material (SACM)
  • Lining all waste trucks for loading out SACM
  • Final wrapping of loads deemed to be Asbestos Containing Material
  • Traffic control for all loadout activities

Major Project Contaminants:

  • Friable and Non-friable asbestos

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Aggressive project schedule
  • Limited and varied access to homes required construction of access roads, various size excavators, and in some cases, manual removal
  • Adverse weather conditions and limited daylight
  • Work performed seven days per week for four consecutive months and at night in certain sections to meet aggressive project schedules and avoid interference with commuter traffic
  • Accomplished concurrently alongside numerous emergency relief organizations and agencies

Location: New York City – Staten Island/Breezy Point 
Client: Riccelli Enterprises, Inc.
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers