Pensacola Terminal, Inc. (Mocar Oil) Dredging Remediation Project 

Major Project Tasks:    

  • 4,000 CY of petroleum impacted sediment dredged
  • Placement of 4.5’ thick sand cap approximately +/- 4,500 CY
  • Dewatering and stabilization of excavated sediments
  • Transportation and disposal of 6,000 Tons of impacted sediment
  • Offsite disposal of 300,000 gallons of petroleum contact water

Major Project Contaminants:

  • Related impacts (leaded gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, etc.)
  • VOCs

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Project schedule
  • Seasonal weather (hurricanes)
  • 6” dredge/backfill tolerance

Location: Pensacola, FL 
Owner: International Energy Company
Engineer & Construction Manager: AECOM