Lake Bluff Slope Stabilization

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Slope stabilization of a badly eroded slope located on Lake Ontario caused by years of wave crash and sheet drainage
  • Construction of large scale benches into an existing bluff to establish 1:1 grade
  • Utilization of specialized heavy construction equipment to allow access and earthmoving on severe slope grades
  • Re-grade entire slope face
  • Installation of medium sized riprap and underground drainage piping on key areas of the slope for added stability
  • Installation of a geo-grid fabric across the face of an upper slope (1:1) area anchored with rebar
  • Installation of a 2” Eco-Blanket material and sprinkler system across the entire 2 acres of the 2:1 slope

Major Project Contaminants:

  • N/A

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Volatile slope conditions coupled with extremely steep slopes

Location: Lake Bluff, NY
Oversight Agency: NYSDEC
Owner: Property Owners 

Project Total: $250,000